You may make a copy of your music for your own personal use, however, it is dishonest and illegal to make copies for other people. PDFs should be treated in the same manner as hard-copy sheet music. Just as you should not make a copy of a hard-copy piece of music for another person, you shouldn't email them a copy of the PDF, or forward them the link to download it, either. 

An appropriate example of copying for personal use that our customers often ask about would be if you printed your PDF, but then either lost it or it got damaged; you may reprint it from your computer for your own personal use. 

Please only make copies of hard-copy sheet music, or download copies of PDFs, for your own personal use. If you need another copy for someone else, we ask that you purchase an additional copy.

Please note that the only exception to this policy is downloads from the "Free Sheet Music" section of the website. Any pieces that are offered as free downloads may be copied  for non-commercial use.

We appreciate your honesty in this matter.